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Aluminium Graphite-based Parts

Parts based on Aluminium Graphite are machined according to the mechanical and thermal requirements of the application and subsequently plated with a metallic surface.

Base Plates & Coolers
The thermal expansion of base plates or coolers makes them compatible with commonly used ceramic substrates, such as DBCs (Direct Bonded Copper), for high reliability power applications. The parts stand out due to their high thermal conductivity and low density, which is particularly important for weight-sensitive applications in traction and transportation.

Heat Spreaders & Heat Sinks
The thermal properties, and the possibility of making miscellaneous parts with different geometrical shapes, make Aluminium Graphite a suitable heat sink material with the additional advantages of a low thermal expansion and a low density. Aluminium Graphite parts are predestined for heat spreading applications as their high lateral thermal conductivity efficiently removes heat from hotspots.

Discs & Rings for Diodes and Thyristor Modules
Thin round discs and rings made of Aluminium Graphite can be used as contact materials in press-pack diodes or thyristor modules. The parts act as strain buffers between the copper heat sinks and the silicon device to improve the overall reliability of the system. They are a viable alternative to conventional molybdenum discs and rings.

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"Aluminium Graphite-based Parts"

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