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FAQ’s Engineers Paradise

1. What is the Engineers Paradise?

The Engineers Paradise provides material data in a playful manner, dynamically linking this to in-depth information (e.g. on application cases). The technical basis of this platform is an innovative search tool and the Material Configurator.

2. What is the Material Configurator?

The Material Configurator can be utilised to scan different application parameters selected to suit individual requirements and receive suggestions with regard to materials. These suggestions can be used as a springboard to researching in-depth information on the materials themselves and application cases.

3. What is so “heavenly” about this platform?

The combination of playful user input and dynamic preparation represents a "heavenly" innovation when it comes to an area as complex as material technology.

4. What content is (not yet) covered by the Engineers Paradise?

The Engineers Paradise primarily covers challenging material topics relating to materials and associated selected areas of application. Topics on which extensive information already exists in the internet are only touched upon in the Material Configurator, with links to suitable sources being indicated.

The Engineers Paradise is subject to continuous further development, with further topics already under preparation. However, you can also help decide the course to be taken! Please send your suggestions and comments to


5. How reliable is the data?

The data in Engineers Paradise has been examined to the best of current knowledge and belief by material scientists, application engineers, chemists and physicists. Use of the Material Configurator should be intuitive, so only broader spectrums and suggestions are provided for initial orientation. Material technology is an extremely complex field, and specialists from each respective area should be consulted with regard to specific applications after this initial orientation.

6. How do I find contact persons to address my questions?

You can contact with regard to content that has been saved in Engineers Paradise. The Material Configurator will otherwise provide links to other sites.

7. How did the idea for Engineers Paradise originate?

No simple option existed previously for playing around with application parameters and researching material classes. It proved necessary to consult complex material tables in early project phases, and it was then very often difficult to find application references. This frequently led to the selection of less than optimal materials.

This state of affairs gave birth to the idea of a dynamic linking of material data, and the result was the Engineers Paradise and the Material Configurator.


8. Who is behind the Engineers Paradise?

The Engineers Paradise is operated by the Schunk Group. The Schunk Group is also extensively involved at a social level, including the presentation of awards such as the Materials Award and Roentgen-Award to support and promote young scientists. Educational work is of particular importance to us.

With this in mind, it should be stated that the Engineers Paradise is in no way only tailored to Schunk, but rather provides systematic indications of other options ranging beyond those we provide. However, we are always delighted to receive interesting requests through this website relating to our own materials in the areas of carbon technology and engineering ceramics.