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Industrial brush holders

Brush holders in a carbon brush collector system ensure that the carbon brush is retained in a defined position to establish the electrical contact with a rotating or sliding part of the machine. It is decisively important to ensure optimum, uniform brush pressure over the entire wear path of the carbon brush in this respect. An entire series of different structures have established themselves in technical designs. This variety enables the selection of an optimum component to suit a particular requirement profile. The most important include:

Pocket brush holders for collector machines: different pressure systems are available here, mainly consisting of sheet or cast material.

Plug-in brush holders for turbo generators: this design solution enables the safe changing of brushes while a machine is running. This type is available as a single or multiple design.

Tandem brush holders: mainly used in large machines operating under severe conditions.

Series holders (also available with wear compensation): a specific counter force produced by a spring-loaded bracket ensures pressure compensation, thus extending the service life of the brush.

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