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EHD Brush System As a component of the electrical power steering pump, the EHD brush system contributes directly to driving safety in car design. In order to optimally use resources, the current carrier is made of a single part which incorporates innovative shaping technology.

Brush System - Interference-Suppressed with Sensors State-of-the-art injection technology, combined with electronics in the brush system. TPE sealing, injection molding and soldering fully automated. Temperature range between -40°C/+ 85°C. Due to a variable- basis system, use in several different types of vehicles is possible.

Module for Automatic Transmissions Brush system with sensors, high durability of carbon brushes, temperature range between -40°C/+ 85°C. Use of the System contributes to the bypassing of the clutch function in vehicles and ensures output capacity when used directly in a motor.

Brush Systems for ABS Motors Plastic composite part, base module made of polyamide 50% GF with silicone seal molding, fully automated manufacture of the basis module. New manufacturing method replaces the assembly method with ordinary O-rings previously used. Temperature range between –40°C/+ 120°C.

V V T Brush System Extremely compactly built VVT brush system, in combination with other components forms the variable valve control. The VVT brush system proves its performance at acceleration of up to 40 g and temperatures of over 150°C.

L 100 Brush Rocker Has proven itself a million times – the L100 brush rocker combines full automation with the highest degree of variability. Due to the intelligent, patented design, the support plate with the integrated plastic brush boxes, including the closure valves which are later needed, can be produced as one part. Due to the optimal forward resistance, a cost efficient control of the rotational speed can be realized.

Brush Systems with Circuit Board for Window Lift Motors Plastic composite part, basis module made of polyamide 30% GF with Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) seal molding. Fully automated manufacture of the basis module. Automatic testing of the mobility of the carbon brush, spring force, Hall IC.

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