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Brush holders for railroad applications

In carbon brush / slip ring / collector systems, brush holders are utilised to maintain the carbon brushes in a defined position, in order to establish the electrical contact to a rotating or sliding part of the machine. In this context, it is decisive to ensure an optimum, constant brush pressure throughout the wearing tolerance of the carbon brush. Although the number of DC and mixed-current traction motors built today is on the decrease, many of such motors are in use world-wide.

There is a large variety of brush holder systems for railroad applications. Apart from the complete brush rockers, the following construction types are amongst the most important types:

Pocket-type brush holders for commutator machines are available for the various pressure systems. In general, they are made of sheet metal or cast metal.

Tandem-type brush holders are preferably used in large-scale machines under harsh conditions of use.

Row holders can be equipped with a wear compensation device if required, which provides for pressure compensation by applying a well-focused counterforce through a spring-loaded bracket, and thus increases the life time of the brushes.

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