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Vanes and Pump Components

Pumps are used wherever media need to be conveyed. Petrol pumps in vehicles, petroleum suctioning at petrol pumps, paint and varnish spraying devices or waste air extraction systems in industry or aeration motors in private households – pumps and compressors ensure that supplies are maintained or convey undesired media away in numerous areas of application.

Rotating parts in the interior of these units often have to withstand high running rates and speeds and still provide an effective seal against frequently corrosive or aggressive liquids or gases. Materials for the manufacture of vanes, rotors and housings therefore need to exhibit a broad range of characteristics. These include:

  • excellent sliding and dry running characteristics
  • low friction coefficients
  • high wear and chemical resistance
  • frequently also good temperature resistance
  • good thermal conductivity and thermoshock resistance
  • excellent shape retention
  • low specific weight

In addition to some metals and alloys, graphite materials, CFC components and some ceramic materials such as silicon carbide (SSiC, SiSiC) or mixed ceramics made of silicon carbide and graphite demonstrate the most favourable prerequisites.

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