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Power Transmission in Vehicles

Electronic technology has gained increasing importance in modern vehicle production. Although the use of light-weight materials, such as aluminium or plastics, helped to save a considerable amount of weight, the use of many electronic accessory devices led to the fact that more recent vehicle generations show an increase in weight rather than the opposite. Today, even small cars are equipped with up to twenty controllers. In luxury cars, you can sometimes find up to 3,000 meters of wires and some 4,000 contacts!

Current transfer in the vehicle is required to meet particularly high demands concerning radio interference suppression, vibration and shock resistance, temperature insensitiveness and reliability. Usually, these tasks are fulfilled by carbon brushes, holders and complete brush systems.

Typical areas of application are as follows:

  • starters;
  • three-phase generators;
  • engine cooling fans;
  • air-conditioning fans;
  • windscreen wipers;
  • fuel delivery pumps;
  • water pumps;
  • seatbelt tensioners;
  • electro-hydraulic brakes;
  • window lifters;
  • seat adjusters;
  • steering booster devices;
  • exterior mirror adjusters.

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