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Energy technology

Energy technology has undergone enormous change in the last decade. This trend will continue to grow in the future. The discussion concerning finite resources, climatic change and the use of renewable energy sources is matched by a continuous growth in consumption in both the established industrial nations and emerging countries. Methods for alternative (regenerative) energy generation are the core interest in this respect.

Use of wind and solar energy is in part already established today and is making a growing contribution to the global energy supply. Utilisation of fuel cells for drive technology or the decentralised power supply of individual buildings is in its infancy, but many experts forecast a bright future for these solutions.

The mobile revolution has also had no small influence on the demand for energy. The development of ever lighter, more powerful and inexpensive energy sources is closely related to the exploding market in mobile electronic systems. Lithium ion accumulator batteries make a decisive contribution in this respect.

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Electrode materials

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Generation and transmission of power in wind power plants

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