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High temperature technology

In many fields of application in which temperatures of far more than 1,000°C can arise many materials can already hardly be used any longer. Only few metals, such as wolfram retain their shape under these conditions. Quartz glass, various ceramic materials and graphite frequently offer superior properties in these applications. In this process, the selection of a perfect material depends on the concrete conditions of use to a high degree.

In the resistance heatings in glass fibre drawing absolute purity and chemical resistance are required in addition to temperature stability. Contaminations or chemical reactions would render the sensitive, high-purity quartz glass useless. The same also holds true for the materials in the semiconductor and solar cell industry whose high-purity silicon semiconductors show highly sensitive responses to contaminations.

In aerospace technology a low weight and a low heat expansion play an important role. The requirements in furnace construction and thermal treatment in which a low weight and a good thermal conductivity of the materials used help to save energy since they consume less energy during heating up are also similar.

Though the temperatures are not quite as high in the container glass industry, the materials used have to be able to withstand numerous changes in temperature without cracking and warping, they must not emit any contaminations and they must not scratch or damage the surface. A dissipation of heat from the hot glass which is too high and uncontrolled can be prevented with the help of an adjusted thermal conductivity.

On account of the diverse applications in the high temperature range each with different requirements which are put to the materials the range of the materials used is big. However, graphite materials and components made of carbon fibre reinforced carbon are particularly interesting in this context not only because they are convincing on account of their low weight and their very good specific properties but also because they can be produced with the highest purity possible.

| Aerospace Technology

... from mirror carriers for satellites to ion drives

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| Furnace Construction & Heat Treatment

Burners, linings, insulations and batch carriers for industrial furnaces

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| Glass Fibre Drawing

Resistance heating elements for glass fibre drawing

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| High-Temperature Handling of Container Glass

Handling of container glass on the hot end for pharmaceutical, household and TV glass

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| Packaging of Electronic Components

Components for the precise production of glass-metal leadthroughs

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| Pressure Sintering & Continuous Casting

Diamond sintering moulds and continuous casting dies

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| Solar Cell Industry

Components for industrial production of state-of-the-art solar cells

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