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Information on materials is linked to application fields here in Engineers Paradise in an intuitive and innovative manner. The applications illustrated correspond in an exemplary fashion to the materials in question. Why not try it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

| Body and Vehicle Armour

High-performance ceramics and composites against projectiles in body and vehicle armour

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| Energy Technology

Ceramics for storage and conversion of energy

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| High Temperature Technology

Industrial control of high and extremely high temperatures

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| Laboratory Ceramics

Ceramics for demanding applications at the lab

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| Medical, Measurement & Analytical Engineering

From dental root pins to X-ray rotating anodes, from dialysis measuring cells to AAS

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| Oxidation Protection

CVD layers on components with a high temperature load

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| Power Transmission in Vehicles

... From the starting motor to the window openers, from the ventilation system to the petrol pump

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| Power Transmission in Industry

... From large-scale motors to electroplating systems, from wire drawing to generators

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| Railway Technology

Transmission of power from the pantograph to the traction motor and to the rail

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| Reactor Technology

From high-temperature reactors to nuclear fusion: graphite components for nuclear technology

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| Semiconductor Technology

Production and processing of silicon - from the molten mass to the chip

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| Small Motors

Power transmission in household appliances, power tools and micro-applications

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| Thermal Management

Aluminium Graphite-based Parts

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| Tribology

Applications with high wear caused by abrasion - pistons, bearings, gaskets, pumps

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