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Mini- and Micro-Motors

Small motors for electric shavers, quality toy motors, mini-motors for medical engineering or the drives in audio-video devices – this list shows that small motors ensure movement in many applications. In these precision motors relatively high capacities have to be transmitted even though the dimensions of the motor are very small and, at the same time, these devices have to work smoothly and noiselessly. Power transmission is usually effected with the help of micro-carbons made of graphite, metal/ graphite composites and impregnated graphites. These materials have excellent tribological properties with low wear and a good electrical conductivity as well as temperature stability.

In the selection of the material, the properties of the material, such as

  • transient voltage
  • coefficient of friction
  • specific electric resistance
  • hardness
  • strength
  • density
  • permissible circumferential speed
  • continuous current density

have to be tailored to the specific application. The “secret“ to the optimum choice of materials is to find the right mixture of these properties.

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