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Medical engineering

Throughout the past 10 years the market volume of medical engineering has almost doubled. New materials and technologies are the main driving forces in this field which is defined as dealing with technological solutions for medical tasks. The approaches are extremely diverse so that only a few can be mentioned here. Generally, these include the production of bio-compatible prostheses, medical therapy and diagnosis devices as well as the production of new drugs.

The most common and, at the same time, the most complicated products include the devices for imaging diagnostics. X-ray devices are a classical example within this area. However, a visit to the doctor today illustrates the rapid development of the entire market: Ultrasound examinations, EEG, magnetic resonance imaging or cleaning of blood with the help of dialysis machines are examples which show how much this highly sophisticated technology has become part of the healthcare system.

Moreover, modern treatment methods are also increasingly gaining in importance in the framework of minimal-invasive therapy. With the help of bio-compatible materials endogenous growth can be stimulated and, hence, major prosthetic operations can be avoided, e.g. by means of the use of smaller arthroscopic pins.

Similarly, dental engineering also relies on so-called bio-planting. By means of modern materials and technologies it is today possible to stimulate the growth of endogenous substances through the use of smaller dental root pins and to rebuild damaged teeth in this way.

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