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Medical, measurement and analytical engineering

Medical, measurement and analytical engineering is an enormously broad subject. The presentation of materials in individual applications would exceed even the framework of this medium. Therefore, only a few select and interesting examples will be presented here in the case of which the application concerned would not be possible without special materials.

In medical engineering, for example, new materials and technologies are very much driving the developments. The production of bio-compatible, durable prostheses, bio-planting or new medical therapy and diagnosis devices can be cited as examples of this. Similar trends can be observed in measurement and analytical engineering in which special materials re-invigorate traditional procedures, such as e.g. the AAS technology or conductivity cells.

| Analytical Engineering

Atom absorption spectroscopy (AAS), rods, emission spectrum analysis

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| Conductivity Measuring Cells

Conductivity measuring electrodes for measuring, control and automation technology

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| Medical Engineering

Dialysis measuring cells, dental root pins, X-ray rotating anodes, arthroscopic pins

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